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In the heavenly realm, the heart holds a central and revered position, serving as the locus of divine connection and spiritual enlightenment. Drawing from timeless wisdoms, “Unlocking the 6 Powers of the Heart” offers insights and guided practices to help individuals purify and awaken the heart towards inner illumination. The following powers of the heart are delved into:

Haqiqatul Juzbah (Reality of Magnetism)
Haqiqatul Faiz (Reality of Downpouring Emanation)
Haqiqatut Tawajjuh (Reality of Directing to Divinely Face)
Haqiqatut Tawassul (Reality of Conveying)
Haqiqatut Tayy (Reality of Folding Time and Space)
Haqiqatul Irshad (Reality of Guidance)

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